You will fall in love with me


This is not another typical guide. You do not read here about megalithic fortified observation towers, which is in Sardinia more than 7,000. Or the Carthaginians, who ruled the island until 238 BCE. Even a description of the eight provinces which divided region. And finally that sheep in Sardinia is more than people.

You will read here about something much more important. What really is the essence of travel. Intangible and elusive memory of the moment.

The majority of guides do not take the topic related to the feelings we have when traveling to a new place. The smell, the climate, the nature of the place are so important when you go into the unknown place, because that’s what they are in our memory the longest. It is these experiences back in our memories from the trip.

Each of Our expeditions to Sardinia was filled with new impressions. It was an attempt to know the local culture. Getting in close contact with everyday life



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